Operation Sail Lift

Pink dawn sky frames a large mobile crane resting in front of Heage Windmill, without sails.
Shortly after dawn Operation Sail-lift got underway.

The first of the six newly refurbished sails was lifted from the ground and transported to the mill cap

…where Steve of Beighton’s Construction started the process of clamping it into place.

Every sail in turn was lifted up to the mill and secured with four clamps and a massive bolt.

Each sail weighs about three quarters of a ton.

We were lucky with the weather and wind speed did not cause a problem.

Occasional light rain did not hamper the project at all.

During the day the site was visited by a number of interested people, all of whom were delighted to see the mill returning to her full glory.
The next morning the villagers in Nether Heage were able to enjoy the sight of the mill with her full complement of six sails.

Eventually the crane from Shires Crane Hire of Chesterfield had finished its part of the project and was able to leave, only just in time actually because sunset was imminent.

Dusk came and we had to use lighting to finish the project and so when we left shortly after 5.00pm we could hardly see the mill in her new glory.
Anthony Sharp


Santa Day Sunday 3rd December 2023

(I would like to add here that although the sails are back on and the mill is functioning again, there are still internal checks and adjustments to be made, meaning that milling and the sale of flour will not happen in the immediate future.)