School Visits

School Visits

Pre-booked school visits can be booked from Monday to Friday from April to October.

The charge is only £50 per visit with a maximum number of 28 persons including adults.

Here is a wonderful opportunity for your pupils to discover the fascinating history of the age-old  practice of milling grain at our Derbyshire attraction.

A guide will lead you around the mill to make your visit more interesting. We ask that visitors are careful and follow the guide’s advice at all times.

A visit to the windmill provides excellent curriculum material for subjects such as Healthy Eating, Design Technology and Local History.


You will need to include an adult with every six children (minimum) in your group.


Access to the inside of the mill is limited to fifteen people at one time.


Our guides are experienced at involving children in ‘hands on’ activities leading them through the story of milling.  Risk assessments are available for your visit.


After the tour, your party will be taken to the undercroft, which is the interpretation centre. There is a video telling the story of milling, a model of how the grain was dried ready for milling, and the history of Heage Windmill in information panels around the room.


The drying kiln is now the visitors’ centre, with a shop selling souvenirs and a small range of drinks and ices. There are toilets including a disabled toilet. There is wheelchair access to the ground floor of the windmill, the interpretation centre, and the visitors’ centre.


If you are interested in booking a school party, please contact Meg Tarlton on 07970 710041 or email or fill out a registration form which you can download by clicking here: Mid-Week-Childrens-Visits-v6-October-2022