As a significant amount of the land used by Heage Windmill and thus the public, does not belong to the windmill but is leased to the Heage Windmill Society (HWS) and used under their control it is necessary for people to formally request permission.

The windmill site borders private property and it is considered improper to allow aerial photography or video of such property without the express consent of the owners.

Individuals or organisations may make a request to allow drones to be flown on the site for photography and such requests shall be made in writing at least 7 days in advance to Heage Windmill Society, addressed to the Chair or Vice-Chair of HWS, stating the reason for the request to fly a drone.

HWS shall respond in writing within 7 days.

Any person wishing to fly a drone at, from or near Heage Windmill shall assure HWS in writing that they will comply with all Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rules and regulations.