Moving Sails at The Mill

Crane arm extended, putting the sail into position

Further to Lifting the Cap back in place, last Wednesday we needed to move two sails into a position ready for their forthcoming installation back onto the Windmill.

Not for the first time we were expertly assisted in this delicate task by J C Balls and Sons of Ambergate using their large Lorry Loader Crane operated skillfully by Alan the driver.

Sail being moved on flatbed

They have frequently helped us in the past and completely free of charge.

Crane positioning to lift the sail

As a Charity it’s a pleasant feeling to be given this type of assistance by a local company who obviously have a strong interest in the preservation of local attractions such as Heage Windmill. We are very grateful for this help as we would find it both difficult and expensive to obtain it elsewhere.

Our sincere thanks to all at JC Balls & Sons
from everyone at Heage Windmill.