Morris Minor Meet

Sunday, April 22nd, Heage Windmill was a ‘Mecca’ for Morris 1000 enthusiasts as we welcomed the Mansfield and District Morris 1000 club.

The lovely little Morris 1000 was a first car for many in the 60s and in subsequent years, so the event was a great chance to become re-acquainted with them.


The Mansfield club, like all other Morris Minor clubs, was formed to promote the preservation and use of the postwar Morris Minor, 1.6 million of which were built between 1948 and 1971.  It was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis (creator of the Mini) and built by William Morris (Lord Nuffield) and later by the British Motor Corporation and then British Leyland. Its innovative design, simplicity, durability and style have created fame and familiarity known the world over.

The club exists to unite these people who have a fondness for these loveable jellymoulds, and those people who still use them as everyday transport.

Photos from the event will appear here soon…