Italian Cars – un bellissimo evento!

Our first ever rally of Italian Cars – courtesy of Abarth East Midlands & T.I.M UK Motors – proved a great success.

They also brought one the best days we have known at Heage.  It felt positively Mediterranean, just like being in Italy…

Graham Wickham’s Fiat 124 Spider, judged to be the best car on show

There was a wide assortment of cars on show including Fiat, Maserati , Ferrari and  Lamborghini.  The best car on show was  judged to be a Fiat 124 Spider, owned by Graham Wickham

The event was jointly organised by the mill and Attila Csorba, representing   the car owners – and all profits will go to the windmill maintenance fund.

In addition to the cars, the windmill itself received many visitors who also enjoyed a display of pyrography (burnt wood sketching) and helped swell the windmill’s funds even more at the bric a brac stall.