Cobweb Closes the Windmill

The now traditional spinning of a spiders web at Heage windmill took place in lovely sunny conditions at Heage on the windmill’s last day of opening.

Friends of the mill and visitors were all guided by head ‘spider’ Lynn Allen along with her assistant, Jack Evans, into the intricacies of making a web from very stretchy elastic and then carrying and laying it on the field adjacent to the 220-year-old windmill.

This year a good number of adults turned up as well as some children proving that this is an event for people of all ages.

The windmill closed for the winter at 4-00pm on the 29th October and re-opens on 31st March 2018.

In spite of her slumbers the Mill will wake up from time to time as Flour will be on sale at the mill, as available, on the second Saturday of each month, from November until March, from 10-00am until 1-00 pm.

The Mill will also be open for Santa Day on December 3rd when we welcome Santa to use it as his grotto. More details will follow on this event at a later date.






Alan Gifford


Trustee HWS


The windmill will be open during 2017 (11-00am to 4-00pm) every weekend from

 April 1st until the end of October.