New Trustees

Heage Windmill has appointed two new Trustees.

LUCY JAMES, who lives in Heage, was recently been appointed Treasurer of both the Trust and of the supporting body, Friends of Heage Windmill (FoHW).  She automatically becomes a Trustee of the windmill.

JACK EVANS,  who lives in South Normanton (but is originally from Heage) and was recently elected as Vice Chair of the Friends, has been nominated as one of the representatives of Friends on the Trust.  His nomination has been accepted by the Trust..

We believe  both will play a significant part in the future of the windmill and wish them well.

In addition, Roger Hatcher was recently  elected as Chair of FoHW. He was already a Trustee by virtue of his previous role as Vice-Chair of FoHW and will continue to be one.

Special Opening to Sell Flour

What a day it was on Saturday, March 21st.  So many bakers got in touch with us to ask if there was flour available.  It really made us aware that baking is such a popular leisure activity and, that for many, Heage Windmill Flour is the flour to use.

Jenny Land collects the sacks of freshly milled flour from Millers Tim Castledine (on left) and Alan Eccleston.
Jenny bags the flour in the Undercroft

With Saturday March 21st having a good wind forecast, and with it already  scheduled as a milling day – plus the fact that we already had about 60 bags of flour on the shelves – we decided to open the mill specially for flour sales.

Amazingly the shelves were very soon all but empty  as baking enthusiasts flocked to the mill.  It was then that the decision was made to bag and sell the flour which was currently being milled – normally the bagging of the flour would be on a separate occasion.

Over 100 bags were sold in total. The shop closed at 2.00pm but the milling went on until 4.00pm.

While the shop was busy selling flour David Land set up a small bric a brac on a mill wall.  This added to the great fun feeling of the morning.

Some visitors were disappointed when the flour ran out but in the lovely sunshine there was a great spirit of joie de vivre, much needed in these anxious times.

Lynn Allen in the Mill shop with the remaining bags of flour

Christmas Quiz Answers

Pantomime Characters

1) Baron Hardup

2) Mother Goose

3) Sleeping Beauty

4) Puss In Boots

5) Fairy Godmother

6) Alice Fitzwarren


Disney Films

7) Jungle Book

8) Mary Poppins

9) Winnie The Pooh

10) Dumbo

11) Pinocchio

12) Frozen


Chart Toppers

13) Ernie / Benny Hill / 1971

14) Skyscraper / Sam Bailey / 2013

15) Another Brick In The Wall / Pink Floyd /


16) Reet Petite / Jackie Wilson / 1986

17) Hallelujah / Alexandra Burke / 2008



18) Crows               19) Whales

20) Owls                 21) Larks

22) Rhinoceros        23) Kangaroos

24) Pigs                  25) Hyenas


Brainteaser 1

26) L – L is made up of 2 straight lines whilst all the other letters use 3 straight lines.


Next Lines

27) In a new old-fashioned way

28) It’ll be cold, so cold/Without you to hold

29) A tiny star lights up way up high

30) And the bells were ringing out for

Christmas Day


Xmas Countdown

31) (2×9)x(5×20)-3 = 1797 or similar

32) (6×7)x50-(27×3) = 2019 or similar


Songs & Carols

33) Joy To The World

34) Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem

35) Away In A Manger

36) I’m Dreaming Of a White Christmas

37) 12 Days Of Christmas


Brainteaser 2

38) Switch on 2 lights and wait 5 minutes. Now switch one off. Enter room. ‘On’ light is obvious. Touch the other 2 bulbs. Hot bulb must be other light on for 5 mins.


Christmas Riddles

39) Cupid

40) Cross-mouse Cards

41) Claus-trophobic


Brainteaser 3

42) Prancer is the thief!

Comet & Vixen contradict each other – one of them must be a liar.

Prancer has said “you’re both lying” about Dasher & Cupid, but there can only be one more liar which must be him.

Dasher & Cupid are both telling the truth so it can’t be Vixen or Cupid who stole the cake. It has got to be Prancer.

How Did You Do?

37 – 42              Supersonic

31 – 36               Transonic

24 – 30              Subsonic

Less than 24      Sonic the Hedgeho

Peter Straw Remembered

It is with great regret that Heage Windmill has to announce the death of Peter Straw who was Chairman of the Friends for 13 years, standing down in 2014 for health reasons.

When Peter and his wife Celia moved to the area, they went to an early meeting of the Friends of Heage Windmill. Shortly after this Peter was voted in as chairman and held the position for 13 years until he stood down as Chair at the 2014 AGM. He took up the post in 2002 which was when the Mill opened to the public. Peter had also been a Trustee for 10 years.

Not everyone will realise the amount of work that Peter did in the background, not just at the Mill itself but attending meetings far and wide to promote the organisation, always looking for opportunities to enhance the mill experience for visitors. Also, Peter was always more than happy to encourage visitors to make the most of their time in Derbyshire by visiting other local tourist attractions. Throughout he was well supported by his wife Celia.

Over the years he worked tirelessly for the Mill. He was very dedicated and enthusiastic in everything he did. He was very caring towards all volunteers and very good at getting the best out of people. The volunteers who worked alongside him had nothing but praise for Peter and they had never known him to lose his temper. He had a calming influence and was always happy to listen to those volunteers with problems.

Until he retired Peter was a regular guide at the Mill, making it come alive for the visitors. He also stood Bakewell Farmers’ Market on occasions on behalf of Heage Windmill.

Under Peter’s chairmanship the Mill gained and successfully retained the 5-star rating from Amber Valley Borough Council for Health and Hygiene.

Again, under Peter’s watch the Mill gained and successfully retained the Place of Interest Quality Assurance Scheme (PIQAS) status.

In his retirement from the Mill he still visited and supported all the events.

All the Friends and Trustees would like to extend their deepest sympathy to his widow, Celia plus all of his family.


Christmas Quiz 2018 Answers

What The Dickens!

1) A Christmas Carol

2) Great Expectations

3) Oliver Twist

4) A Tale Of Two Cities

5) Hard Times


Xmas Letter Equations

6)  2 Front Teeth = All I Want For Christmas

7)  9 = Reindeer in Santa’s Sleigh

8)  3 = Ghosts of Christmas (Past, Present & Future

9)  4 = Weeks in Advent

10)0 = Creatures Stirring


Crack The Code

11) Bread

12) Potato

13) Pasta

14) Rice

15) Cabbage


It’s In The Stars

16) Pegasus

17) Orion

18) Sagittarius

19) Ursa Major

20) Andromeda

Oh Carol!

21) Good King Wencelas

22) The First Noel

23) O Little Town Of Bethlehem

24) Ding Dong Merrily On High

25) I Saw Three Ships

Christmas In The Title

26) Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul Macartney

27) Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Judy Garland

28) Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid

29) All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

30) It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas – Johnny Mathis


Pass The Popcorn

31) Jack Skellington

32) A Christmas Story

33) The Polar Express

34) Howard Blake

35) Jack Frost


My Word

36) Eggnog               37) Chestnut

38) Myrrh                   39) Toboggan

40) Wassail



41) Norway Spruce

42) Douglas Fir

43) Blue Spruce

44) Normand Fir

45) Fraser Fir


And Finally

46) Auld Fang Syne

47) Elfis Presley

48) They always drop their needles

49) Deep pan, crisp and even

50) Noel Coward


How Did You Do?

46 – 50             Incandescent

41 – 45             Brilliant

36 – 40             Polished

31 – 35             Matte

Less than 30     Black Hole

Heage Windmill Sails Back On

Sails Back Up - June 6 001When wet rot was discovered last August in major structural parts of the windmill and a potential cost of around £100,00 had to be faced, it seemed as though all was lost.

Sails Back Up - June 6 002However a site meeting of Trustees and Friends took only a few minutes to decide: ‘We will get her repaired’. Fund raising and volunteer inputs brought the costs down to a more manageable £75,000 and the repair work started in November.

Sails Back Up - June 6 009Monday, June 6th saw a major event in the repair programme: the six sails, which had been painted and repaired by mill volunteers, were put back on the Grade 2* listed mill.

Work started at about 9.00 am, our volunteers working with, and under, the direction of our millwright Neil Medcalf.

The final sail was put back on shortly after 3.00 pm.

The fan tail is now to be fitted with some quite detailed work needed to connect with the controls and mill stones.

Sails Back Up - June 6 005However all this should be completed by the end of June and flour milling will then recommence.

Piers Bostock , Chairman of Heage Windmill Society said: ‘We are delighted to have the six sails back in place in  such a short time and would like to thank everyone who has made this possible.’





Santa Day this Sunday December 6th

Santa with James and Oliver Spibey from Nether Heage
Santa with James and Oliver Spibey from Nether Heage

Santa Claus is coming to Heage… this Sunday. He will be on site at 12 noon, with the visitor centre open from 11 am.

This year the cost is £5 per child to see Santa.  However, there is no need to book.

There will other things available – raffle, tombola, and some activities for children. There will also be hot food on site. No need to book to see Santa.

All these photos are from last year’s successful visit when Santa saw over 160 youngsters.  Here’s hoping for another great day!









Bel Canto Choir boosts Trouble at Mill Appeal

Bel Canto 004Many thanks to Amber Valley-based BelCanto Chorus who performed an evening of contemporary music in aid of Heage Windmill’s Trouble at Mill Appeal at St Luke’s Church, Heage.

The event raised a huge £508, so thank you also to all who came and swelled our coffers!

Bel Canto 002Extra funds were raised through the sale of refreshments, coordinated by Heage Windmill volunteers including Chairman of the Trustees, Piers Bostock, who introduced the concert and said a few words about the tremendous fund-raising effort which will soon see the sails turning again at the windmill.